Fellopian tube herbal blend explained

Fellopian tube herbal blend explained picture

Yi mu cao (Leonurus or Motherwort) has been used together in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years, believed to be able to reduce adhesions and scar tissue, particularly of the female reproductive system, along with restoring delicate hormonal balance. When used in conjunction, these the herb is also believed to be excellent anti-inflammatories and immune system enhancers to allow your body to function at its best.

How does it heal Fallopian Tubes?

Just like Serrapeptase, these Chinese herbs can help eliminate scar tissue and even balance hormones. However, combined with Astralagus, the combination herbs goes further; they help drain the fluid in hydrosalpinx cases, so while the Serrapeptase is breaking down scar tissue, the herbs will assist the body to clear out the scar tissue and/or fluid in the tubes.

Adhesion & Scar Tissue Reduction
Restore Hormonal Balance
Enhance Immune Function
Easy-To-Take Vegetarian Capsules

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