Astragalus + ginger picture

Astragalus + ginger

R 200

For hydrosalpinx elimination. 


Hydrosalpinx refers to a fallopian tube that’s blocked with a watery fluid. To break down the term, “hydro” means water and “salpinx” means fallopian tube.

This condition is typically caused by a previous pelvic or sexually transmitted infection, a condition like endometriosis, or previous surgery. Although some women don’t experience any symptoms, others may experience constant or frequent pain in the lower abdomen or unusual vaginal discharge.

In all cases, the condition can have an impact on your fertility.

For example, a damaged fallopian tube can leak fluid into the uterus during pregnancy. Scientists don’t exactly know what it is about the fluid that causes issues, but recent research suggests that hydrosalpinx may impact blood flow in the uterus and ovaries and affect implantation.

Astragalus: This herb stimulates immune system and it is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat tubal blockage fluid for natural restoration of female fertility.

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