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Cold pressed Organic castor oil

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CASTOR OIL PACKS (for external use only)

Castor oil Pack is a cloth soaked in castor oil which is placed on the abdominal skin to enhance circulation and promote healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin and hormone health. Recommended to place the soaked cloth on your lower abdomen, where your fallopian tubes and ovaries are. It is usually placed until the heat pad is cooler or cold. You must also place the cloth over your liver to support optimal hormone detoxification.


1.       Place castor oil (in its container) inside hot water for easy absorption (castor oil is thick.

2.       Then take a clean cotton cloth, cut to fit your own abdomen section, fold and pour castor oil.

3.       Prepare a plastic a size of the castor oil cloth to cover the area before the heat pad or hot water bottle.

4.       Then heat the hot water bottle

5.       Relax and first put the castored oil cloth on the clean abdominal skin, then plastic on top, then place the heated water bottle. Stay there for as long as you can feel the heat until the water bottle or heat diminishes.

6.       Alternate days of doing castor oil packs if your skin develops black heat lines or dark stretch marks. Reduce the heat even if you feel you want to continue.

7.       Regularly massage the area after doing the packs.

8.       Every so often put a drop of castor oil on your navel at night before bed. It’s a grandma’s trick. J Alternatively put a cotton wool dubbed in castor oil with a plaster overnight.


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